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About Lotus Danbury Technology Center

Lotus Danbury Technology Center


LDTC is a State of the Art technology and development center. The campus includes LEED certified research and development facilities, an advanced natural gas power generation facility, and low energy consumption data centers. While the center remains almost entirely hidden from the surrounding area, it sets an example of high technology development that is in harmony with the local environment.


  1. LEED certified buildings
  2. Discounted energy cost for approved businesses
  3. Machining center
  4. Conference center (Matrix Corporate Center)
  5. Child care and school (Matrix Corporate Center)
  6. Electric vehicle recharging stations
  7. Co-Generation cooling and heating
  8. On-site organic food service


  1. Completion of Building 1 - October 2017
  2. Completion of Power Generation - May 2019
  3. Completion of Building 2 - May 2018
  4. Revitalization of Building 3 - November 2017
  5. Completion of Site Optimization - September 2018

Project Partners:

  • Artel Engineering
  • GE Power
  • ABB Power Systems
  • BMW 360˚ Charging Stations